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A cornerstone of the Sacred Heart experience is service, and the team carries this commitment into the local STEM community through our work with remote and in-person outreach partners. Starting in 9th grade, students have the opportunity to work with the service partner of their choice, all of which center around bringing quality STEM education to the less fortunate.


Sharing our passion for the world of STEM

At the center of our service approach is the love of robotics and STEM; as longtime participants in the robotics world, our students understand the power of technology-oriented education to change lives. And as students of the Sacred Heart, we are motivated to share this experience with others.

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Giving back, both at home and in the community at large

Across our various service partners, one thing is constant; a mission of delivering low or no-cost STEM education to passionate students. Whether it is remotely or in-person, our students are always looking for new opportunities to push this mission forward.

Siena Visit to Old Lab.HEIC



A longtime service partner of Sacred Heart, the Siena Youth Center provides after-school programming for Redwood City students. Team members host LEGO Mindstorms build times on our campus. Kids learn different skills at these build times including hardware, coding, and CAD. 

Bit by Bit Coding


Sacred Heart Robotics' first virtual service partner, Bit by Bit Coding, offers a variety of online classes in everything from web development to machine learning. With an emphasis on diversifying the next generation of STEM students, Bit by Bit hosts specific online programs for young girls and low-income families. Sacred Heart volunteers work as marketers, program coordinators, and curriculum developers to advance the mission of the organization.

Robotics For All


Offering convenient virtual classes, Robotics For All seeks to bring robotics and STEM concepts to students of all ages. Our students serve as instructors and TAs, teaching underserved kids from a range of education levels STEM concepts.



Sacred Heart Robotics' newest service partner, Curieus, provides a variety of educational STEM services to the local community. Most recently, SHR students traveled to a Curieus event at the Boys and Girls Club and provided a demonstration of this season's FTC robots during their Tech Fair.

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